General Chemistry Diagnostic Exam  

Instructions for taking the Diagnostic Exam

  • Time Allowed: 120 minutes
  • 28 Multiple-choice Questions Total


    • For scoring purposes, you will be awarded 1 point for each correct answer. For incorrect answers, you will lose 0.25 points. There is no penalty for leaving answers blank. Thus if you do not know the answer to a question, you should choose "No Answer" as your choice.

    • Do not hit the back button or the refresh button on your browser while taking this exam! You will be charged for one exam attempt.

    • Each student has two attempts in total. Each attempt leads to a different exam. If after both attempts have been used, you have not successfully submitted the exam once, your results are not recorded in our system. Then please contact Dr. Jia Luo ( to reset your exam count. Each student is only allowed to reset the exam count once.

    • Note: You will need a pencil, scratch paper, calculator, periodic table and equation sheet to work the diagnostic exam problems. We suggest that you print out the periodic table and the constants/equations page before starting the exam.

      Open Periodic Table in a separate browser window.

      Open Equations/Constants Page in a separate browser window.

  • The clock starts when you click on the "Begin the Exam" button below. At the end of 120 minutes, your answers will automatically be recorded.
  • An alert will advise you when you have 5 minutes remaining.
  • If you finish early you can submit your answers via the "Submit" button at the bottom of the test page.
  • If you wish to see an unobtrusive on-screen timer at the bottom of your browser window do the following:

    If you are using Internet Explorer: Select the pull-down View menu (at the top of your browser window) and ensure that a check mark appears next to the "Status Bar" selection. If not, selecting "Status Bar" will enable you to see the on-screen timer. Similarly, if you wish to hide the timer you must ensure that there is no checkmark next to the "Status Bar" selection on the Internet Explorer pull-down View menu.


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