(Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemistry)

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Office: Radiochemistry 158
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  • B.S. and MS. Degrees in Chemical Engineering, Technical University of Athens, Greece, 1956.
  • Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Physics, Royal Naval Academy, Piraeus, Greece, 1956-59.
  • Ph.D., Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1963.
  • Visiting professor at: The Institute for Atomic Physics (currently, the M. Siegbann Institute) Stockholm, Sweden, 1974-75;
  • Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, 1981;
    Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, 1989.
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society, (2001);
  • The 2003 "Glenn T. Seaborg award for Nuclear Chemistry", a National American Chemical Society award.

Current Research in more detail

Nuclear structure at high spins; Superdeformed nuclei; Nuclear shapes via g-ray and light charged-particle spectrometry; High-spin phenomena in nuclei; Structure of very neutron deficient nuclei; High spin investigations of transuranium nuclei.
Design and construction of the Washington University " Microball" - a 4p multi-detector array operated in conjunction with Gammasphere.
Design and construction of a very high efficiency  Neutron Detector Shell for Gammasphere for studies of neutron defficient nuclei.
Design and construction of HERCULES  (High Efficiency Residue Counter Under a Lot of Elastic Scattering), a high efficiency array for studies of transuranium nuclides to be used with Gammasphere. HERCULES already had a succesful test run.
Nuclei Nuclear reactions: compound nuclear reactions, nuclear reaction mechanisms via 4p detection of light and intermediate mass fragments.


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