* Summary
Fullerene science is an exciting and interdisciplinary area of current research activity. In this module, fullerene science is used to introduce the following chemical concepts: molecular structure and bonding, solid-state structure, modern spectroscopy, chemical reactivity, and synthesis. The material is presented in the form of an instructor's manual. Student activities and problems are included, as are literature references. Two important aspects of the module are hands-on model building and student use of the original literature. Development of this module was made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation (Division of Undergraduate Education) to the ChemLinks Coalition.

* Fullerene Science Module (Web-based)

Fullerene Science Module Figures

The figures in the Fullerene Science module may be downloaded in Microsoft PowerPoint format for use by the instructor. There is also an Adobe Portable Document format for viewing only. The figures for each section are in separate documents for ease in downloading.


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