Quicktime Movies

Quicktime movies for atomic orbitals are shown in the table below. Click on the name of the atomic orbital for the movie.

Quicktime may be downloaded from the Quicktime Website.

1s ( 1s.jpg (7197 bytes)    

3s ( 3s.jpg (7469 bytes)

2px ( 2px.jpg (7084 bytes)       

2py ( 2py.jpg (8243 bytes)   2pz ( 2pz.jpg (7387 bytes)

3py ( 3py.jpg (8973 bytes)

3pz ( 3pz.jpg (7840 bytes)

4py ( 4py.jpg (8888 bytes)

3dxy ( 3dxy.jpg (8581 bytes)

  3dxz ( 3dxz.jpg (8527 bytes)

4dxz ( 4dxz.jpg (9283 bytes)

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