Interdisciplinary Applications for General Chemistry Laboratory

We have designed a series of WEB-based graphical tutorials to enable students to explore some applications of chemical principles. The purpose of this exploration is twofold; to stimulate students' interest in the course material, and to challenge students to think about the ramifications of chemistry and apply their knowledge to new situations. At Washington University, each tutorial accompanies a General-Chemistry experiment that uses these same chemistry concepts.




Analysis of Iron in Ferritin

M.J. Donlin, R.F. Frey, and J.K. Bashkin
Ref: M.J. Donlin, R.F. Frey, C. Putnam, J.K. Proctor, J.K. Bashkin, J. Chem. Edu. , 75, 437, (1998).

This is a general-chemistry laboratory where the chemical properties of the iron-storage protein ferritin are examined by determining the average amount of iron in a ferritin sample and observing the kinetics of iron release from the protein core under reducing conditions. The laboratory is derived from a standard general-chemistry experiment in which the concentration of an iron unknown is determined spectroscopically using a chromophoric indicator. The expansion of this laboratory to include the application of this technique to ferritin helps to develop links between general chemistry and biology, and to use biological importance as a driving force for studying chemistry.



Olfaction Tutorial

R. Frey and M.J. Donlin

This is an organic tutorial that introduces the chemical aspects of smell. It accompanies an organic laboratory on smell testing.

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