General Chemistry

QuickTime movies of atomic orbitals.

R.F. Frey

J.R. Bleeke and R.F. Frey

This module uses the area of fullerene science to introduce the following concepts to first-year general-chemistry students: structure and bonding, solid-state structure, spectroscopy, energetics, and chemical reactivity. One key feature of the module is hands-on model building. The module is being designed to give students a feeling for how science is actually performed and a taste of the excitement of scientific discovery.

J.R. Bleeke and R.F. Frey

This module is appropriate for a general chemistry course directed at chemistry majors, pre-medical students, and engineering students. Some knowledge of structure and bonding are assumed; therefore this module should probably be used toward the end of the course as a bridge to sophomore organic chemistry. It is also appropriate for organic chemistry courses and would provide an excellent introduction to the topics of polymer chemistry and organometallic catalysis.

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Last modified: June 15, 2006